Sunday, August 19, 2012

Top SEO Secret to Fight Penguins and Pandas

Okay. Well I don't have the top secret. 

But I'd like to tell you something everyone knows. The secret formula to stay on Google's top is to make sure we follow its guidelines. 

We live in a post-Panda and Penguin era where SEO seems to be an impossible path to follow. 

Truth is, it's not. The secret formula to a healthy SEO is to follow whatever guidelines they ask us to FOLLOW. 

Enough said of how to do this and that just to make sure the penguins and the pandas don't come in our ways, there are too many websites today that tells us how to deal with this era. So I'm not telling you something you and I already know. All of us read it, some of us may have seen the writing on the wall and lost a significant amount of traffic, most of us have been exasperated thinking that there is no end in sight with Google's new methodologies. 

But truth is, Google is being fair. With many backlinking strategies that are mostly unethical (though not illegal as far as laws are concerned), we have been lost in the ruins trying to find the site that gives us REAL content.  

This is weird to talk about something I am not the top expert. There are tons of them already in the web. So my goal here is not to pretend I am someone of a huge expert. 

My goal for putting up this blog site is to build a community of SEO wannabes and experts who would like to guide one another on their simplest but effective secrets on creating a fresh content that Google, other search engines and humanity will love. We will do it through exchanging information to help one another. 

Consider this not as your ultimate guide, but rather a virtual scratch paper that will help all of us find direction and reach Google's top in the future. 

I am Josh, a struggling offline entrepreneur who has been recently struck by financial issues (hence this blogspot thing, domain and hosting maybe in the future. They're not affordable for now.). My debts are piling up and since I am afraid of reaching bankruptcy, I have also gone as an online freelancer to meet all ends (and to achieve financial freedom SOON!). I have been a writer for most of my life writing those emo stuff hoping I'll be an author someday and accidentally met internet marketing one day when my heart's been crying a river. I've suddenly become well verse in creating content, sales copies, Adwords, webmaster-ing (?), wordpress and fighting the penguins and pandas. I am able to pay my debts (slowly) because of this part time thing that is internet advertising. (You would never wish to be me, I promise! ^_^)

But do not ever worry my friend, because I am not here to offer any of my services. Like what I've said I am here to help the internet build a community. I am currently bounded with an agreement with a client. But I would like most of the new ones who would like to venture on SEO to be guided very well and avoid those pets Google has. 

I don't even have a goal for now. You may see those stuff the advertisers have in the sidebar. Check it out or not, I will never force you. For as long as you find value on those ads and you think those can help you with any of your efforts. 

I am planning this site to be multi-platform. I really don't have a huge plan that we will do for now. We can probably talk about a lot of things that are internet. You may see me doing some affiliate stuff too. Up to you to check those out or not. 

The problem with me is that I decide on a heartbeat. Consider this blog site as accidental, but I'll probably enjoy doing this for the next few months or years. Let's see. 

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Talk to me. I'll get back as soon as I can. :)